Minutes – Second Meeting

Second NMTESOL Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2008

I. Announcements

  • Catherine presented a flyer of Tex-TESOL member benefits – something we can draw on when we start our membership drive.
  • Presentations given by New Mexicans at NY-TESOL Convention were recognized:
    a. Jennifer: Business English Teacher Training in New Democracies
    b. Amy: Speed Dating/Reviewing and SWOT Peer Reviews
    c. Connie and Kristina: Applying Brain-Friendly Lessons to ESL Classes
  • Henry and Catherine summarized the visit of International TESOL Educators (sponsored by the US Department of State) to College of Santa Fe – Albuquerque and Santa Fe Community College. See pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMTESOLpix/InternationalVisitors
  • Jennifer announced that Erica Volkers, Director of Education, wants to promote new TESOL Teacher Education Courses offered at CNM through Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS).

II. Membership

  • Nominations for Membership Co-coordinators were accepted: Debbie Golden & Henry Shonerd
  • We agreed that dues will be: $20 regular membership; $15 for students and volunteer teachers/tutors – we will start collecting dues as soon as we are accepted as an affiliate, i.e. all our submissions are accepted: Newsletter, Officers, List of Members, Constitution

III. First Newsletter Contents (led by Connie)

  • First we brainstormed some ideas for logos: zia sign, chiles, watermelons, roadrunners, mountain outline
  • Spotlight on member (starting with the officers) (Nora will interview Bill)
  • TESOL-New York presenters will summarize their own presentations (Krissy, Connie, Amy, and Jen)
  • Summary of the International TESOL Educators’ luncheon at College of Santa Fe and SFCC (Henry & Catherine)
  • Status report on affiliation process (TBD)
  • Report on the classes for ESL/bilingual education certification (offered by CHSS at CNM) (Jen)
  • Announcement of Diane Larsen-Freeman Webcast, May 7 (recast can be held up to 3 months afterwards) (TBD)
  • Column (Rowena and others)
    § Rowena’s Grammar Corner?
    § Ask Rowena?
    § You Can Use it On Monday?
    ¨ Call for Academic articles (and other submissions) for future editions

III. Constitution (led by Penny and Bill)

  • Decided to call organization NMTESOL
  • will use a blog (http://www.nmtesol.blogspot.com/) to publish information/announcements until further notice
  • Our email address is: nmtesol@gmail.com
  • Officers’ Meeting: to finalize Constitution – April 25, 4:30-6:00pm – Although this meeting is for officers, any interested members of the ESL Community are welcome – invitation will be sent out on Wednesday, April 23.Thanks very much to all of you who were able to attend! And a special “thank you” to the providers of snacks: Penny and Connie!!

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