Find us!

We’re in the Max Salazar Building, or MS, on CNM’s main campus. It’s just off University and Basehart and just west of Buena Vista.

We’re on the 2nd floor!

All parking at CNM is free on Saturdays!

Coffee, bagels, fruit, and juice are waiting for you!2016-04-16 09.32.14-01u!

Annual Meeting

If you’re a member of NMTESOL and confirmed your RSVP for our meeting today, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

As you know, we’re also hosting a group of international visitors touring New Mexico as part of the US State Departments’ International Visitor Leadership Program.

During our meeting, we’ll all participate in a type of “ice-breaker.”

There are three pages.

You can download them here:

Page 1: New Mexico Jigsaw Form A

Page 2: NM jigsaw Form B

Page 3: NM jigsaw Form C