Meeting – Finalizing Constitution

MEETING 4/25/08

Officers: Amy Christensen, Vice President; Kristina Sievers, Treasurer; Penny Mortier, Secretary
Coordinators: Jennifer Herrin, Web Coordinator; Deborah Golden, Membership Co-Coordinator
Other Members: Cathy Varney, Rowena Nichols, Jerry Leister, Jennifer Schultz

The meeting began at 4:30 pm.

The purpose of this meeting was to come up with a final draft of our constitution to be presented when requesting affiliation status with TESOL. All members were invited to this meeting.

Structure of the Organization
It was decided to make the constitution as simple as possible so that it would be easy for members to understand, and so that, if we should later file for non-profit status, we wouldn’t be unduly restricted by a cumbersome body of regulations.

It was decided that the easiest form for the association to take would be to have a structure consisting of 4 elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and a Board of Directors consisting of the officers and appointees such as
Web Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Affiliate Liaison, Director of Advocacy, Northern Area Representative, Southern Area Representative, and others as needed.

The Board of Directors will direct the work of the organization.

It is recognized that, as we grow, we may have need for more board members, representatives, and ad hoc committees.

Annual Business Meeting
The Association will have one annual business meeting at which the new board will be elected, amendments acted upon, and general business conducted. We will try to rotate the location of this meeting to different places around the state. So that all members regardless of location can participate, voting may occur in person or by e-mail.

Tax-Exempt/Non-Profit Status
At this time we are not calling ourselves a non-profit organization as this is a legal designation that requires filing papers.

We will look into the regulations governing these designations so that we can make an informed decision about whether/or at what point we should file. A CNM BIT Faculty member who has helped other non-profit groups has been contacted in hopes of learning more.

Bank Account/Dues
Kristina Sievers, the treasurer will set up a bank account in the NMTESOL name that will be accessible to officers. The officers will pay their own dues to open the account and we will then start collecting dues from all members.

A provision was written into the constitution that would provide for the transfer of treasury funds to TESOL or a non-profit organization with similar goals in case our association were ever dissolved.

Copies of Minutes/Constitution for Members
Jennifer Herrin will forward these minutes and a copy of the draft of the constitution to the membership. It is anticipated that TESOL may request further changes when the draft is submitted.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.

Minutes submitted by
Penny Mortier, NMTESOL Secretary

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