Meeting – Diane Larsen-Freeman Virtual Seminar


Officers and Coordinators:
William Ancker, President; Amy Christensen, Vice President; Penny Mortier, Secretary; Debbie Golden, Membership Coordinator

Meeting was called to order at 4:00 by William (Bill) Ancker. The following issues were discussed:

Non-Profit 501C3 Status
Bill updated us on efforts to get our 501c status. After researching the status of the former
NMTESOL he found that it is now dissolved and no longer recognized by the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) as an active organization. We are now clear to call ourselves “Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages”, with “NMTESOL” as our official abbreviation.

The process of acquiring non-profit 501C3 status involves 2 agencies: registering as a corporation with the state PRC and filing non-profit status with the IRS. The IRS grants the status, but before this we must be officially incorporated by the state. Different documents are required for each entity. We cannot having a checking account or accept dues before we are incorporated.

Documents are lengthy and require some legal finesse, especially in selecting the correct form of incorporation. Bill has taken several workshops and sought assistance from the UNM legal aid clinic, which accepted us as a client. We will be assigned a law student in August and will submit documentation to the PRC whereupon we may be able to open our free bank account.

Outreach for more K-12 representatives
It was brought up that we should keep searching for an efficient way to contact more K-12 instructors so that it will be easier to recruit them.

Larsen-Freeman Presentation
We watched a “webinar” by Diane Larsen- Freeman about the role of teaching grammar during ESL instruction. Larsen-Freeman is one of the authors of “The Grammar Book” is frquently used as a text in graduate school TESOL grammar courses. She argues that “grammaring”, the teaching of grammar should be seen as one of the basic target skills for English language instruction alongside reading, writing, listening and speaking. She asserts that, although the teaching of grammar should always be contextualized, it must be taught (rather than leaving students to pick it up “naturally”). She believes it is the role of the teacher to accelerate acquisition. She tells her students that “they do not need proper grammar to be understood but they do need proper grammar to be respected.”

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45.
Submitted by Penny Mortier, Secretary

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