Minutes – Second Meeting

Second NMTESOL Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2008

I. Announcements

  • Catherine presented a flyer of Tex-TESOL member benefits – something we can draw on when we start our membership drive.
  • Presentations given by New Mexicans at NY-TESOL Convention were recognized:
    a. Jennifer: Business English Teacher Training in New Democracies
    b. Amy: Speed Dating/Reviewing and SWOT Peer Reviews
    c. Connie and Kristina: Applying Brain-Friendly Lessons to ESL Classes
  • Henry and Catherine summarized the visit of International TESOL Educators (sponsored by the US Department of State) to College of Santa Fe – Albuquerque and Santa Fe Community College. See pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMTESOLpix/InternationalVisitors
  • Jennifer announced that Erica Volkers, Director of Education, wants to promote new TESOL Teacher Education Courses offered at CNM through Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS).

II. Membership

  • Nominations for Membership Co-coordinators were accepted: Debbie Golden & Henry Shonerd
  • We agreed that dues will be: $20 regular membership; $15 for students and volunteer teachers/tutors – we will start collecting dues as soon as we are accepted as an affiliate, i.e. all our submissions are accepted: Newsletter, Officers, List of Members, Constitution

III. First Newsletter Contents (led by Connie)

  • First we brainstormed some ideas for logos: zia sign, chiles, watermelons, roadrunners, mountain outline
  • Spotlight on member (starting with the officers) (Nora will interview Bill)
  • TESOL-New York presenters will summarize their own presentations (Krissy, Connie, Amy, and Jen)
  • Summary of the International TESOL Educators’ luncheon at College of Santa Fe and SFCC (Henry & Catherine)
  • Status report on affiliation process (TBD)
  • Report on the classes for ESL/bilingual education certification (offered by CHSS at CNM) (Jen)
  • Announcement of Diane Larsen-Freeman Webcast, May 7 (recast can be held up to 3 months afterwards) (TBD)
  • Column (Rowena and others)
    § Rowena’s Grammar Corner?
    § Ask Rowena?
    § You Can Use it On Monday?
    ¨ Call for Academic articles (and other submissions) for future editions

III. Constitution (led by Penny and Bill)

  • Decided to call organization NMTESOL
  • will use a blog (http://www.nmtesol.blogspot.com/) to publish information/announcements until further notice
  • Our email address is: nmtesol@gmail.com
  • Officers’ Meeting: to finalize Constitution – April 25, 4:30-6:00pm – Although this meeting is for officers, any interested members of the ESL Community are welcome – invitation will be sent out on Wednesday, April 23.Thanks very much to all of you who were able to attend! And a special “thank you” to the providers of snacks: Penny and Connie!!

Minutes – First Meeting

1st NM TESOL Meeting – March 14, 2008 – 4:30-6:30pm
Moderated by: Amy Christensen and Jennifer Herrin

I. Everyone introduced themselves, said where they worked, and where their ESL passion lies. The International TESOL Convention to be held April 2-5 in New York was mentioned (Go to http://www.tesol.org/ for more information)

II. Amy Christensen spoke about her experience with CO-TESOL and Rocky Mountain TESOL and the comment was made that when becoming an affiliate, we can become a regional or state-wide affiliate.

III. The specs for affiliation were presented: 50+ members A current newsletter A constitution Officers, etc.

IV. Participants broke into groups to brainstorm a “to-do” lists in each of the following categories:

  1. Constitution Committee Contact: Penny Mortier, Bill Ancker, Hedy Newmann Dalia
  2. Newsletter / Website Committee Contact : Connie Gulick, Bronson Elliott
  3. Projects Committee Contact: Ann Cortés, Tom Pierce, Rowena Nichols
  4. Membership Drive Committee: Contact: Nora Nixon or Terry Toman

V. Each group presented their ideas getting feedback from other participants.

VI. Nomination forms for officers were passed out and the next meeting was set for April 18 (details to be determined). Penny, Hedy, and Connie will provide snacks.

Thanks! Many thanks to all who were able to attend!