NMTESOL Open Board Meeting Invitation – May 19th, 2018


NMTESOL in its present-day iteration has been around since 2008. In these 10 years, we have held numerous state-wide conferences as well as local workshops, produced a regular newsletter, greeted foreign visitors, and even have begun a professional journal.

Currently, the organization is suffering from a decline in membership and as a result, participation and leadership. We were unable to enlist anyone to fill several open Board positions. There will be added vacancies by the end of the year. We seek to restructure the organization to better reflect and meet the needs of the membership, but we will be unable to move forward without leadership on the Board and member ownership. This ownership will allow the professionals of New Mexico to have an International TESOL affiliate organization. In order to do so, we are opening up our board meetings to members, starting in May.

Our first open board meeting will be on May 19th, 2018 at 2 PM. Click this link to join: https://hangouts.google.com/group/Q8LIgRH6hRvqCGrs2

The New Mexican immigrant, refugee, and indigenous second language learner communities continue to have a profound need for various services including English language instruction. While the number of certified ESL teachers in New Mexico has been reduced due to declining state funding, the number of instructors and tutors who serve ESL students in our state remains high.

We would like to continue to support the state with professional development opportunities and want to engage those in the classroom to help us define what those opportunities look like.

By opening up the meeting to members, we hope to meet some specific goals. Goals of the first meeting include:

  • defining and promoting leadership opportunities
  • soliciting service and participation to keep the organization alive and moving forward

If you cannot attend on the 19th, please send your comment and ideas by Friday, May 18th to nmtesol at gmail dot com.

We look forward to your attendance and contributions.


Amy Zhupikov, Vice-President
Dean Sundberg, Treasurer
Penny Mortier, Secretary
Ruth Cisneros, Newsletter Editor

Annual Meeting

If you’re a member of NMTESOL and confirmed your RSVP for our meeting today, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

As you know, we’re also hosting a group of international visitors touring New Mexico as part of the US State Departments’ International Visitor Leadership Program.

During our meeting, we’ll all participate in a type of “ice-breaker.”

There are three pages.

You can download them here:

Page 1: New Mexico Jigsaw Form A

Page 2: NM jigsaw Form B

Page 3: NM jigsaw Form C


What are you doing on April 2nd?

NMTESOL members are cordially invited to attend a symposium to bring together developmental and first-year ESOL writing programs to discuss challenges and innovations.  Faculty from CNM, UNM, and UNM-Valencia will give presentations on Friday, April 2, at the CNM Main campus from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

The symposium will be held in building KC, room 26 at the CNM main campus in Albuquerque. The tentative agenda is:
1:00-1:15     Welcome & Overview
1:15-1:45     Presentation on ESL Needs & Opportunities
1:45-2:30     Roundtable Discussion
2:30-2:45     Break
2:45-3:15     Presentation on Genre-Based First-Year Writing
3:15-4:00     Roundtable Discussion

Please note that this event is not organized by NMTESOL, however, the organizers welcome all interested NMTESOL members. After the symposium, NMTESOL will host a reception from 4 to 5 pm for all members who attend.

If you want to attend this ESOL writing event, please RSVP to nmtesol@gmail.com by Monday, March 29 so we can inform symposium organizers and plan our reception.

We look forward to seeing you on April 2!

Annual Meeting

We would like to remind members of NMTESOL that the annual meeting will be help on Friday, December 4, from 6-8 pm.  in Albuquerque. This meeting is required by our bylaws, but it is also a chance for us to get together and get to know each other better.

Three officer positions will be filled at this annual meeting: Treasurer, President, and Director A.

In addition to the business portion of the meeting, there will be a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to share.  Drinks will be provided.

If you are not yet a member of NMTESOL but would like to join, we will be happy to take your membership application and dues at this meeting.

Date: December 4, 2009

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Place: 4904 Camino De Monte NE, Albuquerque


Workshops: PPP v. TBL & Teamwork tips

Thank you to everyone who attended our first event of 2009: PPP vs. TBL and Teamwork Tips for ESL Classes. The turnout was great with members from Gallup, Farmington, Clovis, Los Lunas, Belen, Placitas, and Albuquerque in attendance!

We have posted the workshop pictures in our photo album, so feel free to download them. We look forward to our upcoming event in Santa Fe on March 14. This will be a joint event with Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) – so save the date! More news to come soon . . .

Here are the handouts:

Methodology Workshops – Saturday, February 21

Hello Everyone,
Save the date: February 21st! We will be holding our first event of 2009: 
What: Two ESL Methodology Workshops
When: Saturday, February 21 (10:00 am-12:30pm)
Where:  Albuquerque at the Main Library at 501 Copper NW (Community Room)

Workshop 1: 10:00-11:00 am “TBL (Task-based learning) and PPP (Presentation-Practice-Production): Comparing & Contrasting Different Ways of Organizing a Lesson”
Presenter: Jennifer Herrin
Abstract: Most teachers learned to plan lessons based on the PPP model. This workshop will discuss its effectiveness by taking participants through a demonstration to show how the PPP model differs from the TBL model. Similarities between the two models are also discussed, and participants can experiment with their classrooms to find out what works best for them.

Workshop 2: 11:30 am-12:30 pm “Seven Tips for Facilitating Effective Teamwork in the Classroom Using Popular Corporate Business Theories”
Presenters: Amy Christensen & Kristina Sievers
Abstract: The presenters will demonstrate seven tips for facilitating effective teamwork in the classroom using popular corporate business theories. These tips allow students to gain confidence for teamwork opportunities in future academic or business contexts.

Please RSVP to nmtesol@gmail.com – Hope to see you there! Feel free to download our flyer and share it with your colleagues 🙂 flyer-for-winter-nmtesol-workshops

Meeting – Diane Larsen-Freeman Virtual Seminar


Officers and Coordinators:
William Ancker, President; Amy Christensen, Vice President; Penny Mortier, Secretary; Debbie Golden, Membership Coordinator

Meeting was called to order at 4:00 by William (Bill) Ancker. The following issues were discussed:

Non-Profit 501C3 Status
Bill updated us on efforts to get our 501c status. After researching the status of the former
NMTESOL he found that it is now dissolved and no longer recognized by the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) as an active organization. We are now clear to call ourselves “Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages”, with “NMTESOL” as our official abbreviation.

The process of acquiring non-profit 501C3 status involves 2 agencies: registering as a corporation with the state PRC and filing non-profit status with the IRS. The IRS grants the status, but before this we must be officially incorporated by the state. Different documents are required for each entity. We cannot having a checking account or accept dues before we are incorporated.

Documents are lengthy and require some legal finesse, especially in selecting the correct form of incorporation. Bill has taken several workshops and sought assistance from the UNM legal aid clinic, which accepted us as a client. We will be assigned a law student in August and will submit documentation to the PRC whereupon we may be able to open our free bank account.

Outreach for more K-12 representatives
It was brought up that we should keep searching for an efficient way to contact more K-12 instructors so that it will be easier to recruit them.

Larsen-Freeman Presentation
We watched a “webinar” by Diane Larsen- Freeman about the role of teaching grammar during ESL instruction. Larsen-Freeman is one of the authors of “The Grammar Book” is frquently used as a text in graduate school TESOL grammar courses. She argues that “grammaring”, the teaching of grammar should be seen as one of the basic target skills for English language instruction alongside reading, writing, listening and speaking. She asserts that, although the teaching of grammar should always be contextualized, it must be taught (rather than leaving students to pick it up “naturally”). She believes it is the role of the teacher to accelerate acquisition. She tells her students that “they do not need proper grammar to be understood but they do need proper grammar to be respected.”

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45.
Submitted by Penny Mortier, Secretary

Meeting – Finalizing Constitution

MEETING 4/25/08

Officers: Amy Christensen, Vice President; Kristina Sievers, Treasurer; Penny Mortier, Secretary
Coordinators: Jennifer Herrin, Web Coordinator; Deborah Golden, Membership Co-Coordinator
Other Members: Cathy Varney, Rowena Nichols, Jerry Leister, Jennifer Schultz

The meeting began at 4:30 pm.

The purpose of this meeting was to come up with a final draft of our constitution to be presented when requesting affiliation status with TESOL. All members were invited to this meeting.

Structure of the Organization
It was decided to make the constitution as simple as possible so that it would be easy for members to understand, and so that, if we should later file for non-profit status, we wouldn’t be unduly restricted by a cumbersome body of regulations.

It was decided that the easiest form for the association to take would be to have a structure consisting of 4 elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and a Board of Directors consisting of the officers and appointees such as
Web Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Affiliate Liaison, Director of Advocacy, Northern Area Representative, Southern Area Representative, and others as needed.

The Board of Directors will direct the work of the organization.

It is recognized that, as we grow, we may have need for more board members, representatives, and ad hoc committees.

Annual Business Meeting
The Association will have one annual business meeting at which the new board will be elected, amendments acted upon, and general business conducted. We will try to rotate the location of this meeting to different places around the state. So that all members regardless of location can participate, voting may occur in person or by e-mail.

Tax-Exempt/Non-Profit Status
At this time we are not calling ourselves a non-profit organization as this is a legal designation that requires filing papers.

We will look into the regulations governing these designations so that we can make an informed decision about whether/or at what point we should file. A CNM BIT Faculty member who has helped other non-profit groups has been contacted in hopes of learning more.

Bank Account/Dues
Kristina Sievers, the treasurer will set up a bank account in the NMTESOL name that will be accessible to officers. The officers will pay their own dues to open the account and we will then start collecting dues from all members.

A provision was written into the constitution that would provide for the transfer of treasury funds to TESOL or a non-profit organization with similar goals in case our association were ever dissolved.

Copies of Minutes/Constitution for Members
Jennifer Herrin will forward these minutes and a copy of the draft of the constitution to the membership. It is anticipated that TESOL may request further changes when the draft is submitted.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.

Minutes submitted by
Penny Mortier, NMTESOL Secretary