NM TESOL Board of Directors Nominations

Dear NM TESOL family,
The following NM Board positions are up for election this year: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Newsletter Editor.  Please send in nominations by January 14. Elections will be held online from January 17-24. You DO NOT have to debate, create campaign advertisements, or attend any state fairs to schmooze with the people to be a candidate in this election! The term of service for these Board members will be the years 2022 and 2023. Please take a moment to consider whether you or someone you know would be able and willing to serve in one of these capacities. 

  • The President’s primary job is to lead the association, for example, by conducting meetings, representing the association to other professional associations and government offices, and taking a major role in organizing conferences.
  • Vice President: performs all of the duties and responsibilities of the President in the absence of, or as directed by, the President. In addition, this person takes responsibility for professional development activities and chairs the annual conference. May be assigned special projects by the President.
  • Secretary: records minutes of board meetings and other special meetings needed for organizational activities; submits a copy of minutes for approval at each board meeting.
  • The Treasurer has responsibility for maintaining the association’s financial records and serves as liaison with the association’s accountant, and other duties. (Knowledge of QuickBooks is preferred but not required. Our current Treasurer can help in the transition if needed.)
  • Web Coordinator has responsibility for the association’s email, online presence, social media, and other duties.
  • Membership Coordinator has responsibility for maintaining the membership database including sending the welcome email. In addition, the Membership Coordinator works on publicizing NM TESOL to attract more members.
  • Newsletter Editor: The Newsletter Editor has responsibility for creating the association’s newsletter as well as soliciting content.

 In addition to being willing to fulfill the basic duties outlined above, the candidates must meet these criteria:

  • They must be willing to become a member of NMTESOL (if not already a member).
  • If elected, they must be willing to serve in the position for the duration of their two-year term.
  • If elected, they must be willing to take part in monthly NMTESOL Board of Directors meetings, which are generally conducted online using Zoom. The meetings are generally for 45-minutes monthly with a break in the summer.

Anyone can recommend a person for the NMTESOL Board. If you wish to recommend yourself or someone else, please send recommendations to this e-mail address (nmtesol@gmail.com) along with a short introduction of the candidate.  Send your candidate recommendations by January 14, 2022
Voting will be conducted online. Results will be announced via email and on our website. nmtesol.org

Thank you in advance for considering volunteering for this non-profit professional organization. We need your support. 



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