In school funding trial, father says N.M. neglects English-language learners

In school funding trial, father says N.M. neglects English-language learners

The father of three bilingual students testified Tuesday in a state court that his children are struggling because they have not received tutoring, summer school or any other form of intervention to help keep them on track.

Speaking in Spanish, with a court interpreter translating his remarks, Roberto Sanchez painted a portrait of a state public school system that neglects English-language learners because, as he put it, “There’s more students, less teachers and less attention paid to the students.”

Sanchez, whose children attend Santa Fe public schools, is one of many plaintiffs in a lawsuit claiming New Mexico and the state Public Education Department are not investing enough money in public schools and are therefore failing students across the state.

201​7 TESOL Research Mini-​Grant Call for Proposals

The TESOL International Association Research Agenda seeks to promote spirited inquiry and systematic investigation that will contribute to the knowledge base of the TESOL field. As described in the agenda, TESOL research may focus on individual, community, or societal issues and should be responsive to current theoretical perspectives and ecological conditions driving change in language learning and teaching. TESOL research should be governed by ethical consideration for research participants and society as a whole and seek to inform and improve both policy and practice.

201​7 TESOL Call for Proposals


20 Professional Learning Strategies That Engage the Adult Brain

20 Professional Learning Strategies That Engage the Adult Brain

What specific strategies
stimulate brain cognition or a desire to participate? Sit and Get Won’t Grow
Dendrites: 20 Professional Learning Strategies that Engage the Adult Brain
by Marcia L. Tate offers answers to these questions. As its name suggests,
the book rejects the notion that consistent stimulation of the brain and,
by extension, effective learning can occur in a setting where adults receive
information passively. As such, its purpose is to describe 20 methods of
delivery that grow dendrites, or memory cells, and facilitate long-term
retention. Tate begins with adult learning theories that outline the conditions
under which adults learn best. She then discusses learning strategies related
to these theories. She concludes with sample professional lesson designs
and practical tips. Like its previous version, the book is geared towards
adult educators in various contexts.

Check out the link for the entire article!

Small-Group Instruction

Supporting English-Language Learners: Small-Group Instruction


Anna Dearlove, a 2nd grade teacher at Glen Park Elementary School in San Francisco, shares how she prepares English-language learners before a whole-class lesson. During small-group instruction, she reviews vocabulary and provides ELLs with sentence starters so that they are prepared to engage in class discussions.

Teachers need improved training

Teachers’ training needs improvement so students benefit


“It is obviously most important that what teachers are taught reflects the practices that can actually make a positive difference for student learning. That is, the content of professional development matters, along with its form,” said the report titled “Effective Teachers Professional Development.” Its authors include Linda Darling-Hammond, president of the Learning Policy Institute and chairwoman of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Music and Rhythm + Grammar and Language

Using Music And Rhythm To Help Kids With Grammar And Language

Check out this story via NPR.

“Reyna Gordon was an aspiring opera singer fresh out of college when she began contemplating the questions that would eventually define her career.

“I moved to Italy when I finished my bachelor of music, and I started to take more linguistic classes and to think about language in the brain, and music in the brain,” she says. “What was happening in our brains when we were listening to music, when we were singing? What was happening in my brain when I was singing?”



Job Opportunity

TestBest Mentor

Location: remote

Who we are:

TestBest is a Silicon Valley-based education technology company that offers mobile learning for standardized tests. In cooperation with Kaplan Test Prep, our flagship application is the first digital service of its kind that helps students both prepare for the TOEFL® and receive valuable feedback from certificated U.S. teachers. Through our TestBest online platform, teachers can reach their maximum potential by connecting with and instructing students around the world.

Job information:

We are looking for certificated educators to evaluate student performance on TOEFL® practice tests via the TestBest platform and provide them valuable feedback.

Required Education:

• Bachelor’s or 4-year university degree

• Must be a certificated teacher or

• Hold MA in English, Language arts, Rhetoric, or other pertinent area. Preference will be given to candidates who have:

• A career focus on education.

• Experience teaching/tutoring for the TOEFL® or other standardized tests.

• Experience with international students (Chinese students a plus).

• Excellent written and spoken communication skills.

• High degree of English proficiency

• Fluency in mobile applications and online education platforms.


• Evaluate written and spoken responses to TOEFL® practice exams according to the TestBest rubric.

• Submit evaluations on our TestBest evaluator portal by strict deadlines to ensure students receive timely feedback.

• Regularly communicate with TestBest regarding any questions or progress.

Payment: We pay our Mentors per evaluation, so the amount you earn is dependent on the amount of work you do. Feasibly, teachers have the potential to earn up to $25/hour.

Benefits of working with TestBest:

• Work from anywhere: Our evaluator portal is accessible online, meaning that you can work from anywhere, including from the comfort of your own home. It is imperative that TestBest teachers have access to a reliable computer and stable Internet connection.

• Flexible scheduling: This position will be a part-time commitment. You decide your own schedule, and are paid per evaluation.

• Paid experience: For educators who have just recently joined the industry, this job will give you excellent professional experience, making it a great resume builder.

How to Apply:

• Please follow or copy and paste the following link into your web browser to access our online application:

**If you have any problems accessing the online application, or have questions about the company, please email our recruitment manager, Adysen McNabb, at**

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis


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