Annual Meeting

If you’re a member of NMTESOL and confirmed your RSVP for our meeting today, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

As you know, we’re also hosting a group of international visitors touring New Mexico as part of the US State Departments’ International Visitor Leadership Program.

During our meeting, we’ll all participate in a type of “ice-breaker.”

There are three pages.

You can download them here:

Page 1: New Mexico Jigsaw Form A

Page 2: NM jigsaw Form B

Page 3: NM jigsaw Form C


Election time!

Nominations have been accepted and now it’s time to vote!
If you’re a member, please make sure you’ve checked your email for the election voting link (sent 1/5/16). Make sure you click “Done” at the bottom of the page for your vote to count!
If you’re not a member, please think about joining us! Check out the information about becoming a member here:
We will be hosting some 17 international visitors hosted by us US State Department as part of an international professional exchange during our annual membership meeting.
Our membership meeting will be January 30th. Time, location, and additional details about our international visitors will be announced shortly!