Election Time Again!

Dear colleagues:

It is time for the members of NMTESOL to elect three members of the Board of Directors: Vice President, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor. The term of service for these Board members will be 2015-2016.

Before the voting can take place, though, we need your help in finding the best candidates for these positions. Please take a moment to consider whether you or someone you know would be able and willing to serve in one of these capacities.

The Vice President’s primary job is to lead the association during the President’s absence. The Board also assigns special projects to the VP.

The Secretary has responsibility for recording Board meetings and votes, managing Board elections, and keeping the records of the association.

The Newsletter Editor is responsible for generating content, accepting submissions, and editing NMTESOL’s electronic publication. Three issues are published per calendar year.

In addition to being willing to fulfill the basic duties outlined above, the candidates must be:
• members of NMTESOL
• able to serve the duration of their two-year term
• able to take part in monthly meetings, which are usually conducted online using Skype

If you wish to serve on the Board or want to recommend someone else, please send your suggestions to the association’s email address: nmtesol@gmail.com along with a short introduction of the individual(s). Please send your suggestions by December 12, 2014. Voting will be conducted online in January.

On behalf of the entire membership, we appreciate your support of NMTESOL.

your Board of Directors:

Bill Ancker, President
Colin Large, Vice President
Dean Sundberg, Treasurer
Penny Mortier, Secretary
Melanie Mullen, Web Coordinator
Bre Stephens, Newsletter Editor